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Connecting individuals with autism, and other learning and developmental delays,
with our skilled and dedicated providers in Hawai'i

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Individual Speech Therapy

Frequency: Depends on the needs of the participant and the terms that insurance approves, typically provided 1-2 times per week for 60 minutes per session

Participants: one-on-one with support of family members

Ages: 2-22 years


  • Home

  • Community (e.g., preschool, extended family member’s home, park)

  • Clinic - STEPS, LLC office therapy room

Duration: Determined by insurance, but plan is typically reviewed every 3-6 months

Speech Therapy Group

Frequency: Group meets 1x per week for 90 minutes each session

Participants: at least 2-5 needed per session

Ages: 3-7 years & 8-10 years


  • Learn strategies for active listening and improving communication

  • Provide opportunities for social communication and social success

  • Focus on strengthening foundational auditory skills needed for listening and learning

  • Generalization of targeted communication skills with peers

Duration: 8 weeks

Feeding Support Group

Frequency: Group meets 1x per week for 60 minutes

Participants: 2-5 participants and their family members

Ages: Preschool, school-aged children and their family


  • Learn strategies for improving feedings and mealtimes

  • Provide opportunities for feeding success and increasing repertoire (quality, quantity, frequency)

  • Focus on increasing mealtime independence and reducing stress around trying new foods

  • Supporting other families that struggle at mealtimes

Duration: 8 weeks