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Connecting individuals with autism, and other learning and developmental delays,
with our skilled and dedicated providers in Hawai'i

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Social Group Opportunities

Eight-week Social Skill Groups are NOW available for the following age groups:

3-5 years old

7-9 years old

10-13 years old

Our curriculum focuses on:




Engaging in multiple exchange

Remaining on Topic



Good Sportsmanship

Turn Taking

Play Skills


Eye Contact

Active Listening

Understanding body language

Appropriate voice volume


Pouring drinks

Serving food

Washing hands

Ordering food at a restaurant

Making simple foods

Safety Skills

We also take the time to help them recognize, understand and control their emotions in an age appropriate manner.

Each of our groups are customized to fit the skills and needs of our participants. Other groups may be created to focus on specific skills or ages if 3 or more peers enroll. Please contact us to get more details!